Most of the cryptocurrency market, besides a few, is in the red as Saturday comes to a close. Monero had a solid run towards the end of the week and leading into the weekend, but has since corrected.

Friday, the coin had jumped nearly 20% in 24 hours time, reaching a high of $373.68. Monero hadn’t reached that price point since late-January of this year.

News broke that there would be a hard fork of Monero, named MoneroV (XMV), in mid-March. Holders of XMR that use the Moneo Wallet will be granted an opportunity of a substantial airdrop of the new XMV tokens, which would explain the coin’s spike in price.

Some may be buying up Monero to take advantage of said airdrop. However, it doesn’t look like the hype lasted long as XMR is currently trading for $345.78 a coin, down -6.01%.

Stellar is the only coin within the top 15, that is currently in the green and seeing gains. The project and its team has remained fairly quiet over the last few months, and its price has suffered. Read more from…

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