Three of the world’s most respected economists have led a joint attack on bitcoin, claiming the digital currency will be “regulated into oblivion” as governments globally move to clamp down on money laundering. Joseph Stiglitz, Nouriel Roubini and Kenneth Rogoff have renewed their assault on the cryptocurrency, believing it will be subject to further sharp and damaging falls as authorities crack down on criminals using bitcoin to launder money and avoid taxes.

Intraday Update: Dow Surging as Market Digests Its Biggest Fear U.S. stocks are jumping as tariff talks turn into tariff action. Tech Today: Twitter Tanks, Apple Builds iPhone Supply, Xiaomi Fizzles Apple is increasing its production plans for new iPhones for this year to an unprecedented level according to boutique research house BlueFin, a negative report on Intel from last week is partially retracted, Groupon shares jump sharply amidst speculation it will sell itself, Netflix still inspires awe but its valuation is a tad worrisome to one analyst, Twitter shares are falling by 8% perhaps prompted by a Washington Post report that it has been aggressively culling “fake” user accounts, Chinese smartphone vendor Xiaomi sees its IPO in Hong Kong fizzle, and Arista Networks gets an upgrade at Piper Jaffray after the stock overcame analyst James Fish’s three big fears.

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