When one imagines a networking event for a professional conference, the most well-known and over-the-top strip club in Miami probably isn’t the venue that comes to mind. Yet that’s exactly where The North American Bitcoin Conference decided to host it.

“Join us at E11even for some networking and R&R. Or dancing,” the description read.

Over the course of 2017, cryptocurrency experienced an unprecedented explosion. After years of quietly languishing below $1,000, the price of a bitcoin began to increase rapidly and public attention along with it.

But it wasn’t alone. At the same time, bitcoin’s so-called dominance index, the size of the bitcoin market cap relative to all other cryptocurrencies, shrunk.

An influx of new investors wanted in on this digital gold rush, buying into these new initial coin offerings or “ICOs” as fast as they could be created. Suddenly, everyone was making it big. Read more from coindesk.com…

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