Over the years, there have been numerous incidents in which cryptocurrency enthusiasts lost access to their funds. Hacks, thefts, and throwing away a hard drive without a private key backup are all pretty common topics of conversation.

In Switzerland, one enthusiast lost his shopping bag which contained his Ledger hardware wallet. That was a bad thing, as it seems highly unlikely this item will be returned to him.

Bitcoin users need to take every single precaution when it comes to keeping their digital wealth safe from harm. Storing one’s funds in a hardware wallet rather than an exchange or web wallet is certainly a big step in the right direction. However, that hardware wallet will need to be kept safe at all times, which is a lot more difficult to achieve than some people might think.

One particular resident of Lucerne, Switzerland stores his Ledger hardware wallet in a bank vault all year long. Twice every year, he takes out the wallet to conduct some transactions.

It makes a lot of sense to do so, but this time, something went seriously wrong. More specifically, he stored his Ledger Nano wallet in a shopping bag, which was somehow stolen from his car or left behind at one of the shops he visited on that day. Read more from altcointoday.com…

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