Kevin Abosch’s technology-inspired artwork and photography challenge the traditional perceptions of value. In 2016, Abosch sold a photograph of a potato for more than $1 million.

In February, a group of 10 collectors purchased his virtual artwork “Forever Rose” for $1 million in cryptocurrency. And just last week, Abosch sold another digitally-inspired artwork called “YELLOW LAMBO” to former Skype COO Michael Jackson for $400,000 — more than the starting price of an actual Lamborghini.

The artwork is composed of 42 inline alphanumerics in yellow neon representing the blockchain contract address for a crypto token called YLAMBO, which Abosch also created. Abosch named the artwork after the hashtag #lambo, which cryptocurrency enthusiasts often use in online forums. “When I first became aware of the use of #lambo on social media, it struck me as vulgar,” Abosch told Business Insider.

“But the more I thought about it, I realized that it’s actually just a declaration acknowledging the insanity around the crypto zeitgeist.” The coveted Italian luxury car is a prized commodity in the cryptocurrency community, and in recent years, it’s become a symbol for easy, cryptocurrency-acquired affluence.

It’s the Lamborghini’s symbolic trappings that inspired Abosch to create a conceptual artwork which he describes as a meditation on value. After Abosch sold his blockchain artwork “Forever Rose” earlier this year for what is thought to be the largest sum ever paid for a piece of virtual art (“Forever Rose” is an ethereum-based token called ROSE that’s inspired by a photograph Abosch took of an actual rose), Absoch said he received several confused inquiries regarding the nature of the piece. Read more from…

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