Every cryptocurrency in the world has its own set of wallet solutions. Whether one wants to use paper storage, a desktop client, or a web wallet, all of these tools can be found for all cryptocurrencies which take themselves somewhat seriously.

In the case of Monero, there are a few different solutions to choose from, although there was still no hardware wallet support at the time of writing. That situation may soon come to change, though, with three potential hardware wallets in the pipeline.

Although it seems paper wallets are less popular than they were a few years ago, they are still a more than viable way to store funds for the long term. In the case of Monero, a paper wallet solution can be found on the MoneroAddress website.

It is entirely possible to use this solution in one’s browser, with or without the use of prefixes. Moreover, the paper wallet solution supports English, Japanese, and Spanish, which is great to see.

It also works on devices not connected to the network for added security. Even though web wallets are always a security risk when storing large amounts of currency, the MyMonero platform is well-respected within the Monero community. Read more from themerkle.com…

thumbnail courtesy of themerkle.com