An April 7, 2017, photo shows a sign informing customers that Bitcoin can be used for payment at a store in Tokyo. Mark Karpelès learned in June that he’s probably not going to become a Bitcoin billionaire.

He calls that good news. If it had happened, he says, he would have been “one of the most hated people on Earth.” And Karpelès already has plenty of people who are angry with him.

He presided over the collapse of Japan-based Mt. Gox—once the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange—and he’s now
on trial in Tokyo for embezzlement and manipulation of records.

But in a weird twist, it had seemed that Japan’s bankruptcy rules also put Karpelès, who is French, in line to receive a huge windfall. Mt.

Gox shocked the world when it went bust in 2014 after falling victim to a yearslong hack. About 850,000 Bitcoins had gone missing. Read more from…

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