Russian Scientists Caught Using Nuclear Supercomputer To Mine Bitcoin Despite the recent political problems Last year, crypto-currencies burst on to the scene. The value of Bitcoin increased exponentially: from less than $1000, the crypto-currency rose to more than $19000 per coin late in 2017, before dropping down.

But buying into crypto-currencies can be intimidating. Prices have fallen, markets are volatile and many currencies are unpredictable.

But investors looking to score on the crypto-currencies market in their regular brokerage account are in luck. Hashchain Technology Inc. (TSX:KASH.V; OTC:HSSHF) is a bitcoin miner and blockchain innovator with a wide exposure to a wide range of crypto assets.

Buying into KASH is a bit like buying a crypto ETF: you get the value of the sector’s growth without having to invest directly in crypto… or understand this new asset class.

Even with crypto prices falling from the incredible highs of 2017, bitcoin and its brethren are here to stay. Investors could use a firm like KASH to give them exposure.Plus, KASH is working on the future of crypto too… Read more from…

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