Marcus J. Ranum is a computer security specialist, consultant, gamer, crafty artist, photographer, soap and cosmetic experimenter, and all-around surrealist. Part of why I have not written much about bitcoin is because I don’t want to grind my teeth flatter than they already are.

There are many, many things about bitcoin that make me shake my head and wonder at the gullibility of the libertarian techno-elite. So many people, who think they are so smart about technology, actually appear to understand nothing about it; they’re engaged in wishful thinking and not much else.

There are so many things about bitcoin that are wrong; I’ll just tease one of them: the blockchain is append-only, which is sort of necessary for the how it works, but because there is no central brokerage, there’s no input validation process that prevents someone from just injecting their own garbage. From a security design perspective that is a “newb mistake” of the first water.

It means that, if the blockchain weren’t so damn slow and irritating to use, it’d be a great free cloud syslog store. O brave new world, take my terabytes of junk!

Naturally, since it’s not public data, I’d superencrypt it so nobody else would know what it was. I do believe someone has written a filesystem driver that sits atop blockchain, not that anyone wants a glacial-speed filesystem. Read more from…

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