If you assumed the development of Ethereum-based video games declined following the slowdown of the CryptoKitties hype train, you would be mistaken. The real appeal of the collectible cats was that they were immutable, non-fungible tokens which were immune to censorship and interference.

Even if the CryptoKitties interface goes down and its team abandons it, people who own the virtual cats on the Ethereum blockchain will still be able to trade them or build compatible applications around them. The blockchain gaming environment has continued to evolve after the success of CryptoKitties, and the applications being built at the moment make the game seem like a simple proof-of-concept.

Fully-fledged titles are being created on the Ethereum blockchain, leveraging new technologies to provide better latency, reduce blockchain congestion, and improve the user experience. There are a number of exciting games currently under development, with Neon District a standout due to the various tools used to create the decentralised video game.

Neon District is an online multiplayer role-playing game being developed by a small team. The game is described as a hybrid role-playing and trading card game set in a cyberpunk dystopia.

“In Neon District, each player collects and trades unique, fungible cards that evolve and adapt as they’re used in play,” said its makers. Cards in Neon District then become more valuable as they gain experience points and special abilities. Read more from mybroadband.co.za…

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