The newest generation of startups, those building products on blockchain technology are similarly distributed to their decentralised systems. Many blockchain projects are worked on by developers around the world using platforms like GitHub and messenger apps like Telegram or Slack. Traditional business structures are forgone in favour of open-source, collaborative projects – with users being rewarded for individual tasks.

Many blockchain developers also earn money by helping blockchain projects solve problems or find coding issues by fulfilling posted bounties for a reward. Blog writers or social media managers find freelance work in this realm, too, and platforms like Ethlance – which lets them get paid in cryptocurrency – make international payments a lost easier.

Ethlance is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) which exists on the Ethereum blockchain as part of the district0x network. This means the platform is not owned by a central entity and can continue to function even if the creator attempts to take it offline.

Ethlance allows users to either hire freelancers and pay them in Ethereum, or find work and get paid by employers. The platform takes no cut of the freelancers’ earnings and offers its service and membership for free – meaning freelancers will receive exactly what the employer pays into the system.

Interacting with Ethlance requires an Ethereum blockchain interface such as MetaMask, the Mist browser, or the Status mobile app. Once you have logged into Ethlance using their wallet interface, potential employers can create public job postings similar to a standard freelancing website, while freelancers can set up their profile to be matched with employers. Read more from…

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