(CNN)For every good campaign, it seems like there are three bad ones. This past year was no different.

Below, I chose the absolute bottom of the barrel — the worst candidate in a year filled with mediocrity. I also gave a few dishonorable mentions for candidates who were bad, but not the worst.

Many people will look back at Moore’s loss in Alabama — one of the most Republican-friendly states in the country — as solely the result of a series of accusations from women that he had pursued sexual relationships with them whien they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. And, there’s little question that the allegations — first published in The Washington Post — changed the race between Moore and Democrat Doug Jones.

But lost in that analysis is the fact that Moore was a weak candidate long before these allegations finally doomed him. In his long history of running for office in Alabama — wins and losses — Moore consistently underperformed the baseline Republican vote.

He had his hardcore supporters, without doubt, but he also turned lots and lots of Republicans off with the brand of in-your-face social conservatism he made his calling card. And Moore refuses to compromise — on any position — or adjust his campaign strategy one iota. Read more from cnn.com…

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