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by Gil Davis Back in the early days of ether (ETH) trading, when it was only $0.25, Simon de la Rouviere wrote a story.

The premise was that in the near future software could recreate a person and simulate it in Virtual Reality via information people gave to the blockchain willingly. With this power, those people could relive old experiences with that data for the rest of their life if they wished thanks to the immutability of the blockchain.

Rouveiere did two things with this story. The first was he posted a hash of it into the Terra Nullius smarter contract, the first interactive one on the Ethereum network.

The second is he posted it on Reddit. Once it was on Reddit /u/linagee decided to take it into their own hands and post the whole story into Ethereum as a hexadecimal string.

Since it was published on to the Ethereum network so early, chances are pretty high that if you’ve ever run an Ethereum node you’ve also downloaded this particular story. Check it out. Read more from…

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