Just when you thought it was extinct, a mythical beast perhaps, the Vomiting Camel has once again been spotted in the wild. Truly, this is a special day.

For the uninitiated, the Vomiting Camel is a joke. It is not a real thing.

I have never been on a technical analysis training course. I am not really the chief investment officer of Vomiting Camel Asset Management, although my Twitter profile does say I am.

(Fake news.) It’s a joke. OK, not a very funny one, but nothing more than that, just a way to gently take the proverbial out of the often ludicrous ‘discipline’ of technical analysis – the financial markets’ answer to horoscopes, but with more lines.

So many lines. Eg: As you can see from that chart, the market in…. Read more from ftalphaville.ft.com…

thumbnail courtesy of ft.com