Updated 5 hours 52 minutes ago Dom Garrett is buying bitcoin. Or, rather .000530 of a bitcoin, the equivalent of $5 minus a 10% transaction fee.

And he’s doing it from a touchscreen ATM machine inside a cellular repair shop on Ashlan Avenue in central Fresno. The machine, operated by Washington state-based company Coinme, is an easy way for people to get into the digital currency, “bit by bit,” says Garrett, Coinme’s Director of Marketing.

The afternoon’s latest local news This is the second ATM that Coinme has in Fresno. The first was installed in September at the CellPros shop on Olive Avenue in the Tower District.

This second unit, inside the CellPros at Ashlan and Marks avenues, is part of a recent expansion for the company. Currently, Coinme operates 48 machines across the United States, in major markets like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle, but also in places like Yakima, Wash.

(where bitcoin owners hold weekly meetups) and Fresno. “The demand for another one was really high,” Garrett says. Read more from fresnobee.com…

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