TORCHED H34R7S is a painting created by deCourcelle, which she later turned into a crypto puzzle. (Marguerite deCourcelle) For most people, the painting of a turtledove and phoenix is a colourful piece of art.

But for one Bitcoin enthusiast, it was the key to more than $40,000 US worth of the digital currency. The Bitcoin puzzle belongs to crypto artist Marguerite deCourcelle, and she’s celebrating her puzzle being solved after nearly three years.

“He’s a very brilliant man,” deCourcelle told As It Happens host Carol Off about the programmer who cracked her puzzle. The man who solved the puzzle wishes to remain anonymous, deCourcelle explains, because he doesn’t feel it is safe to have Bitcoin where he lives.

He told Motherboard that he found it a little over a month ago, after looking for a cryptocurrency puzzle he could work on with his wife. He has written an explanation on how he solved the puzzle.  An anonymous programmer receives around $50,000 US worth of bitcoin after breaking a code in a painting created by Marguerite deCourcelle.

(Photo submitted by Marguerite deCourcelle) DeCourcelle created the puzzle during Easter 2015, alongside fellow crypto artist Rob Myers, as a way to conclude a series of Bitcoin puzzles called The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto.   This particular painting, TORCHED H34R7S, is based off of William Shakespeare’s famous poem, The Phoenix and the Turtle. Read more from…

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