This week we saw that despite some countries being less open to cryptocurrency than we would have wanted to, this amazing innovation continues to fascinate the whole world. This was evident in stories from all over the globe that were covered in this week’s daily editions of Bitcoin in Brief.

Also Read: Devere Group Adds Bitcoin Cash and EOS to Crypto Exchange App On Monday we reported that Poloniex, the US-based cryptocurrency trading platform which was taken over by Circle earlier this year, has finally responded to complaints by its clients about frozen accounts. The company tried to reassure clients their funds were safe and that it has taken steps to increase the speed of the identity verification process. Additionally covered was the fact that the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has revealed it is investigating two dozen unauthorized cryptocurrency-related ventures and has also opened seven whistle-blower reports in 2018 alone.

The big news on Tuesday was that cybersecurity expert turned pump and dump guru John McAfee has issued another bullish prediction. Bitcoin (BTC) will surpass $15,000 in June, but will dip in July, McAfee predicted.

His prediction was in contrast with Russian analysts who expect that value of BTC will continue to drop, even below the psychological $6,000 USD threshold. McAfee also also talked about “the war we are all engaged in”, Claiming that the banks, the government and the US Securities and Exchange Commission have declared war on crypto.

He advised crypto enthusiasts to take action – write their congressmen and press banks and credit card companies with demands for crypto transactions. McAfee called on his followers to also write the SEC and ask “to leave us alone, because we are not a security we are a currency.” A couple of stories that show cryptocurrency is still a hot topic in China were our focus on Wednesday. Read more from…

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