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in Cryptocurrency News Home July 8, 2018 Technically, Bitcoin was worth less than 10 cents per bitcoin upon its inception in 2009. The
cryptocurrency has risen steadily since then and is now worth around $6000 per Bitcoin.

This is the most remarkable appreciation of the value and has created many millionaires over the last eight years. Here are the top ten people/institutions that held a large amount of Bitcoins over the time: The creator of Bitcoin, who hides behind the moniker Satoshi Nakamoto, remains the major holder of bitcoins.

The number of bitcoins that Nakamoto owns today is estimated at around 1.1 million, based on the early mining that he did. This is the equivalent of about $6 billion at today’s exchange rate of 1BTC to 6,098 USD.

At least Nakamoto has never touched most of his bitcoins, and neither converted them into real-world currencies nor used them for any other purpose. If he were to sell his entire stash, the value of Bitcoin could plummet in an instant.

According to Bulgarian authorities, the criminals used their technical prowess to circumvent taxes. As of June 2018, the virtual coins would be worth more than $1.2 billion. Read more from…

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