When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, a lot of users prefer an automated approach. Although there are a few trading platforms which offer built-in algorithmic trading, trading bots are also very popular.

It is interesting to see how the landscape has evolved in this regard. Although Gekko has been around for a while – and it was mentioned in our previous article on Bitcoin trading bots – it is a project which continues to evolve.

Given its free and open-source nature, there is nothing one can genuinely dislike about the tool. It supports over a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges and offers users some very basic strategies to experiment with.

It is a bit too simplistic for advanced traders, but for newcomers, it is still worth checking out. Key lacking features include arbitrage options and high-frequency trading, but that is not entirely surprising.

Every time someone touches upon Bitcoin trading bots, the name Haasbot will enter the discussion at one point or another. The team’s algorithmic trading tool has been around for nearly five years now and has seen a steep increase in popularity. Read more from altcointoday.com…

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