The market interest about Ripple and XRP has reached a fever pitch, and naturally, people have questions about the company, the digital asset, how it’s used and where to buy it. In order to clear up any misconceptions about Ripple and XRP, we’ve published answers to nine of the most frequently asked questions that the Ripple team has received.

This list will be updated regularly as news and new developments unfold. If you’ve already purchased XRP and have a question about your purchase, then please reach out to the exchange directly.

In order to maintain healthy XRP markets, it’s a top priority for Ripple to have XRP listed on top digital asset exchanges, making it broadly accessible worldwide. Ripple has dedicated resources to the initiative so you can expect ongoing progress toward creating global liquidity.

To purchase XRP you must use an exchange or gateway and/or have a digital wallet. Ripple does not endorse, recommend, or make any representations with respect to gateways, exchanges, or wallets, but please see the list of exchanges that offer XRP here.

Ripple has an interest in supporting the XRP Ledger for several reasons, including contributing to the longer-term strategy to encourage the use of XRP as a liquidity tool for financial institutions. Decentralization of the XRP Ledger is an ongoing process that started right at its inception. Read more from…

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