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in Guides Home June 14, 2018 This is a follow-up article to the list:    The emergence of blockchain technology has generated plenty of cryptocurrencies. Given the sheer number of coins and tokens issued nowadays, it can be quite a headache choosing which crypto is worth investing in, especially as the markets fluctuate so rapidly.

Elastos is ranked on 74th on the CoinMarketCap (CMC), having a market capitalization of $192,363,537 USD and is currently trading at $38.28 USD. Elastos is a blockchain based operating system which aims to become the first open source Internet Operating System.

Elastos’s objective is to establish an internet which does not require interference from third-parties when users want to watch movies or play games. Through its distributed architecture, the Elastos platform intends on providing a generalized infrastructure for the future IOT – ‘internet of things’ – financial system.

Among the offered services are the ability to link digital IDs to digital content, bringing forth a new model that can be used in the purchasing of movies, books, music, and games. Through this platform, original content creators can benefit from a peer-to-peer marketplace in which seed investors are paid through the use of smart contracts, the funds being allocated in real-time.

Elastos can also be used as an environment for P2P Dapps development – similar to a distributed AppStore or GooglePlay Store – which runs with no centralized control, still being able to function seamlessly with traditional OS platforms such as Android or iOS. Elastos uses its native ELA tokens as a cryptocurrency for paying the services of accessing files, meaning that you will be able to use your ELA tokens to pay to access content on the internet. Read more from…

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