Not that the President tweeting while deranged is anything new, but during predetermined occasions for momentous reflection and (hopefully) work-stoppage—also known as “holidays”—I find it’s useful to remind one’s friends, families, and self that Donald Trump still holds court, and that’s a noxious disgrace that nothing, including this country’s governing bodies and laws, can apparently make right. Without further ado, here’s a brief summary of infuriating (if you can spare a gasp any longer) shit that Trump did in the last day or so, I guess in honor of Christmas.

These are not in any particular order and vary in significance. The tweet’s in there somewhere.

Absolutely not, under no circumstances, I would rather fight an army of Santa’s reindeer than apply an iota of critical reasoning to this crackpot kindlng. Merry Christmas to me. Read more from…

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