The cybercrime combating department of Ukrainian Police has voiced support for the legalization of cryptocurrencies despite sharing some concerns about them. The Cyberpolice unit also noted the need to regulate cryptos “as soon as possible”.

Ukrainian parliament is yet to adopt new legislation amid mounting calls from other institutions to regulate cryptocurrencies.   Also read: Russia’s Longest-Serving Finance Minister Backs Crypto “Self-Regulation” It is necessary to regulate at legislative level all matters pertaining to the use of cryptocurrencies, Sergei Demedyuk, head of the Cyberpolice department, said in a statement quoted by local media.

In his opinion, regulations should be adopted as soon as possible. He also pointed to the need to amend the law in order to tax crypto related transactions.

The rules of operating cryptocurrency exchanges have to be determined, too, he insisted. If authorities are unable to regulate the status of cryptos in the near future the state should officially ban their circulation, the National Police representative said.

Then “everyone will know that by buying and selling cryptocurrency in Ukraine they risk losing their financial investments irrevocably, in the absence of any protection or compensation”, Demedyuk warned. The high-ranking police official noted, however, that Ukraine’s Cyberpolice force was supportive of efforts to legalize cryptocurrencies and crypto mining in the country, despite concerns that their circulation might be “based on the same foundations as financial pyramids”. Read more from…

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