A City trader has become the first Bitcoin armed robbery victim after he was forced to transfer his fortune. Maksed men arrived at Danny Aston’s £800,000 converted barn in rural Oxforshire and held him and his girlfriend, Amy Jay, 31, at gunpoint.

The couple were also forced to leave their child in a buggy outside during the terrifying raid and they have not returned home since the attack. A gang of four men in balaclavas targeted the four-bedroom converted barn and demanded that they transfer the crypto currency.

Mr Aston, 40, was understood to use the name ‘Goldiath’ in the online world and could have been targeted because of this presence. A neighbour living opposite the barn in the tiny village of Moulsford, near Wallingford, said: ‘I was not here at the time but I know the couple have left and are staying with relatives, they haven’t been back since.

‘We are all obviously a bit shaken up, even though a few days have passed now. It is not what you expect to happen around here.’ Following the raid, two schools were put into lockdown with children being kept inside for their own safety.

A mother on the school run said: ‘I saw four young men in black tracksuits with the hoods pulled up, crossing the road to the property where it took place. They were aged 18 to 25, dark-skinned and super-fit. Read more from metro.co.uk…

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