There are very exciting times for the TRON community. With the token migration almost on the horizon, some important information needs to be highlighted.

This switch from an ERC20-based token to the official mainnet TRX is expected to complete without any major issues. Even so, TRON holders need to take some basic guidelines into consideration at all times. Similar to how EOS fared in the past month, TRON is preparing to launch its mainnet shortly.

Even though EOS ran into a fair few issues, it seems the TRX migration will be a bit smoother in this regard. As such, the first order of business is to convert all ERC20 tokens to the TRON20 standard.

Any tokens not exchanges will become completely unusable and have no further value. Whenever such an important change is happening, the tokens need to be converted through participating exchanges.

Anyone who holds the ERC20 token will receive the same amount of TRON20 tokens. There will be no reduction of the available token supply, although it remains to be seen if everyone converts their tokens accordingly. Read more from…

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