Ice cream lovers in San Francisco will be treated to their intimate flavours of ice cream by directly using their cryptocurrency wallets. Rob Durst of Colby College, Jeff Tang of Rice University and Andros Wong of Oxford University have teamed up to start an ice cream delivery service which customers can use cryptocurrencies to pay for their ice creams. Brand and Jerry’s is the name that these college students have given to their outfit which will only accept Bitcoin as payment.

The lightning network will be responsible for processing the BTC payments. “We think that this is a motivating factor to jump into Bitcoin and start playing around with the Lightning Network and getting to understand it” observed Rob Durst, Block and Jerry’s co-founder.

The founding of this new ice business model joins a growing number of small-scale businesses that are trusting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. The lightning network, which has approximately 1,000 nodes, is gaining popularity.

Although lightning uses the blockchain for its implementation, it handles transactions off-blockchain with increased speed and lower transaction fees. Lightning is an early technology which has not fully earned the confidence of its users.

But for Brand and Jerry’s, the more the interactions people have with it, the more dedicated they become towards its success. Another store which is utilizing the Lightning network, Blockstream, handles its Bitcoin transactions using c-lightning, a customized implementation of Lightning. Read more from…

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