Gambling, in one form or another, has been around for almost as long as civilization. It is a pastime, and a lucrative business, that has been able to grow and evolve.

And now, in the 21st century, it is bigger than ever thanks to the internet and online gambling. However, this $44 bln industry of online gambling alone, which shows no signs of stopping, is still evolving, and with the power of blockchain technology sweeping the different ecosystems, online gambling is looking to be a part of it.

Despite the promise that blockchain technology has, regardless of the environment it is implemented in, there are still plenty of teething problems as companies and sectors try and utilize the powerful tech Blockchain casino already exist, and they too are a growing force, but they are facing problems which many in the Blockchain space are facing —such as slow transaction and high costs. Because of this, and a few other reasons slowing their adoption down, Blockchain casinos have only managed to complement the traditional online gambling space.

Many are impressed with the offer of true fairness and zero-house edge, but they struggle with the network limitations. When it comes to the settling of values, the decentralized nature of the blockchain means there are both cost and delays. Micro transactions, such as these settlements, have become more and more problematic on some of the major Blockchains.

It is because of these issues that Sp8de has decided to develop a base Blockchain gaming ecosystem on which online gambling operators can build their games upon. This ecosystem offers the immutable fairness of the blockchain, but also eliminates the settlement times of busy blockchain. Read more from…

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