A regression coefficient of 0.85 demonstrates a strong correlation between Bitcoin futures and underlying Bitcoin pricing. Increasingly bullish positions taken on by investors in Bitcoin futures since inception suggests an optimistic stance that Bitcoin prices will rise.

Due to an uncertain regulatory environment surrounding cryptocurrency, shifting global policy can undermine future price speculation garnered through the bull/bear ratio. By Zhuoqi Gao, Robert Annis, and Xin Jiang Due to increasingly bullish positions being taken in Bitcoin futures, we believe investors have speculated an end to the Bitcoin price decline, and we should see an increase in Bitcoin pricing going forward.

In recent months, there has been considerable public interest, discussion, and speculation over the cryptocurrency market and what the future holds for it. Arguably, sitting at the forefront of these conversations is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a digital currency or, as it’s better-known, cryptocurrency which was created in 2009. It was originally established by Satoshi Nakamoto, a programmer whose identity is still unknown to this day.

The characteristics of the cryptocurrency are unlike any traditional fiat currency such as the dollar, euro, or yen which have created value through their individual governing entities. Rather, Bitcoin is not backed by any country’s central bank or government and is controlled by a peer-to-peer network which is implemented worldwide. Read more from seekingalpha.com…

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