VeChain has proven to be one of the more intriguing blockchain projects in existence today. As such, the VeChain price is appreciating as of late, which is pretty interesting to keep an eye on.

As of right now, the VeChain price is almost above $7 again, which seems to indicate this altcoin is well underway to reach a new all-time high at some point. It is always intriguing to see how well some altcoins perform even when top currencies are not showing any sign of momentum whatsoever.

For now, it seems the top altcoins are stuck in sideways momentum because the price per BTC is going up as we speak. This is not entirely uncommon, though, as the Bitcoin price going up often results in lower altcoin/BTC ratios, and thus a stable USD value in most cases.

In the case of VeChain, however, things are certainly evolving in an interesting direction as we speak. More specifically, the currency has seen a nice value appreciation over the past few hours. Thanks to a solid 16.13% increase in USD value, the VeChain price is climbing quickly and is very close to surpassing $7 again.

It’s still far away from an all-time high, but things are not looking all that bad as of right now either. It is also worth noting the VeChain price isn’t suffering from Bitcoin or Ethereum price changes. Read more from…

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