Verge (XVG) can’t keep out of the headlines. They either engineer some hype with positiv-ish news or the incompetence of the team behind the coin gets exposed and they end up in the headlines for the wrong reason.

After 2 mining exploits that happened on their blockchain in the span of 2 months, another scandal-worthy news surfaced yesterday: the main (and only) developer of XVG coin appears to have copy/pasted code from SHIELDcoin Github and then tried to spin the story and make it look it was vice-versa robbery. Full article, covering and proving the whole story can be found here.

Just a quick note, it’s not hard to see who copied who, git commits have a date associated to them. It is also worth noting that the XVG developer copied the initial fix as well – from Peercoin in 2015.

And there is another similar case from January when they copied some code from OpalCoin for their WraithProtocol and forgot to change some references to the coin name. Here is a proof for that. They touted it as a new feature and then just copied code from another coin.

And still XVG is one of the best performing projects in the past 24 hours which shows you that crypto market is pure madness. There is a lot of dumb money in crypto, it is unbelievable It seems that XVG fans just don’t care. Read more from…

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