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Marvin Piekarek’s tweet on the development of Verge | Source: Twitter Marvin announced the introduction of the new version of Electron [Light] Verge wallet. The developer’s Medium blog explains about the commencement of the designing and development of the new version of Verge wallet which has begun.

The new wallet is made to hold the below features: Marvin even announced the launch of the new Verge codebase to Bitcoin v.0.13. This upgrade was done for new security protocols which were set up including more improvements having a solid codebase.

The upgrade from Codebase to Bitcoin v.0.13 also allows the possibility to create mobile payment systems. The addition of Ring Confidential Transaction [RingCT] has also been included in the new codebase. This feature is added to bring more privacy standards into the codebase, making transactions secure.

An announcement was also made regarding the perspective of RootStock [RSK] smart contracts. A new sidechain will be brought up by the RSK smart contract, meaning that the main chain will be freed in order to get fast confirmation and transactions. Read more from…

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