Follow us on Twitter or join our Telegram Verge Currency today launched its first official meetup in Amsterdam. Described as “not only informative,” but also “a networking opportunity to socialize and meet with other like-minded individuals,” the gathering will take place on a boat which will “cruise on through the Amsterdam canals.” The delegates will certainly have a lot to talk about.

Since signing the “biggest partnership in cryptocurrency history” in April, the ability to pay for MindGeek’s online pornography in XVG, Verge has suffered from a 51% attack, bickered with Litecoin founder Charlie Lee and announced an entirely new codebase. However, many of its followers are hoping for a bit less excitement, and some progress on a more user-friendly wallet to aid mass adoption of XVG.

According to the official Verge twitter account, the current mood at the event is “ecstatic to say the least.” Verge promises that tonight there will be a party for the attendees, including “a number of special guests.” TokenPay CEO Derek Capo has already taken the stage, informing the crowd that an NDA has been signed with the Litecoin foundation, with further details on this “strategic” agreement to come later in June. More announcements are expected throughout the day.

A livestream of the event is available on Verge’s YouTube channel. Meanwhile, in an attempt to consolidate its position as a go-to payment option when purchasing things you might want to keep quiet, it seems that Verge is eyeing a new partnership, this time with dating apps.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the results are currently 80% in favour of such an option. Alistair Johnston is a British writer specialising in the crypto space. Read more from…

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