Verge (XVG) has been in the news quite frequently. The technology that powers this cryptocurrency is all about privacy.

With their wraith protocol now in effect, Verge is expected to be one of the hottest names heading into 2018. The currency gained a major surge in the price last year after John McAfee’s tweets promoting it.

However, ever since Verge hit the all-time high price of $0.29 – Verge has been on a downward trend. The currency’s price has been continuously falling over the past weeks but it appears that the last 24 hours have brought some relief for the investors.

After an extended period of slowdown where the currency dropped to a low of $0.039, it looks like Verge is back on track with a strong growth. Over the past 24 hours, Verge has recovered by 17% and is now priced in at $0.063.

If market experts are to be believed, Verge’s prices are going to shoot even higher and it is expected to double up. If this sort of a trend continues, Verge is expected to reach $0.12 over the next few days. Read more from…

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