XVG kept most of its price levels, but the days following the announcement may see another dip. Verge (XVG) went through another strong rally on the Asian markets, up more than 14% overnight, to $0.099, with a view to continued growth.

The recent drop in Bitcoin also saw XVG increase in Satoshi value, within a reasonable distance of its BTC price record. At one point, the price shot above 10 cents for a short time, with a real chance of revisiting that position.

Trading volumes are variable, with spikes and lows, but generally higher in the past weeks, moving away from the stagnation in February. For XVG, Binance and Upbit concentrate more than 60% of trading, but there is a fair share of trades on Bittrex, which recently opened to new registrations and may see additional inflows into XVG.

14 hours! https://t.co/q54DY1AF1l $xvg #vergefam— vergecurrency (@vergecurrency) April 17, 2018 14 hours!

https://t.co/q54DY1AF1l $xvg #vergefam The hype surrounding the announcement may see another big wave of activity, but there is always the potential for selling. XVG is the second most traded coin on Binance, with a 9.88% share of the entire activity, as a whole batch of previously sleeping coins are having a revival. Read more from cryptovest.com…

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