It is not brainer that majority of cryptocurrency enthusiasts have heard about Bitcoin. It has been in the news in the recent past due to its meteoric rise of 1800% towards the end of 2017.

But once you dig deeper into its core operations, it has issues that open up avenues for other Altcoins to thrive. The BTC system is highly inefficient and transactions are slow and receiving and sending coins is damn expensive.

When investing on any cryptocurrency, you need to focus on its two sources of value; you can go for extrinsic or intrinsic values. Alternatively, you are better off when choosing a coin that has both. You need the extrinsic value that enable you use the coin and purchase goods and services.

If you cannot use a coin to buy sugar or pay your trip, them the currency is not worth your effort. Intrinsic value enables a coin to be exchanged on select markets.

Unlike Bitcoin, Verge (XVG) has both values and you can exchange it in select exchanges of repute seamlessly. The success of XVG is vested on its value that can be converted to other currencies and other digital assets of value. Read more from…

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