Verge is currently selling for $0.094467, which puts the coin up 16.49% in the past 24 hours. There are many speculations going on about Verge. Supposedly, a mystery partner of the company is going to be revealed to us on April 16th.

This would explain a lot of the hype around the coin in the last few days. However, some people seem skeptical about this, attributing it to a mere gimmick by the team to pump up their coin.

After all, the team did initially promise to release the name of the partner by March 26th “if our [fundraising] goal is met,” and that didn’t happen despite Verge achieving its crowdfunding goal. Supposedly Verge “pump and dump” schemes have been floating around the crypto sphere for a long time – although nothing has yet to be confirmed.

Verge does seem to be making headway with traders, however, regardless of what people are saying about the coin. XVG is now the second most traded asset on the crypto exchange Binance (although, this may also be attributed to the “mystery partner” hype).

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