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by Liam Kelly A Canadian baseball team from Victoria, British Columbia have taken it upon themselves to act on the positive comments made by the country’s Finance Minister at Davos last week.

In an announcement made on January 30, 2018, the Victoria Harbourcats stated that they would be the first Canadian sports franchise to accept cryptocurrencies as payment. The organization explained that at current, they would only be accepting bitcoin, ether, and litecoin for season tickets and corporate sponsorships.

Management has also specified that, if need be, other cryptocurrencies may be introduced. When asked to comment on the subject, managing partner Jim Swanson described the decision as just another move in the way of good business: “This is simply being with the times.

It’s an emerging method of doing business, and we’re pleased to be among the leaders in the sports world on this. We are not afraid of new territory.” The interest in expanding the selection of virtual currencies comes as no surprise, as smaller transactions for team apparel, concessions, and game day tickets would arrive with a hefty transaction fee.

Despite only using these top three coins, the organization is confident that the move will nonetheless attract additional sponsors and attention to crypto markets at large. Swanson explained that the decision was no simple task and that the general manager, Brad Norris-Jones, “has spent a lot of time looking into [the idea].” As such, the staff have been trained on how best to deal with cryptocurrency transactions. Read more from…

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