Decentralized video sharing platform, Viuly, has marked off yet another achievement by recording the highest transaction volume on Ethereum blockchain. Viuly’s VIU token is now ranked the number 1 most transacted token on Ethereum network.

The adoption of the VIU token is taking the crypto community by surprise. According to the latest report by Ethplorer, VIU now ranks it number 1 of the top 50 tokens by transaction count on the Ethereum blockchain — a pleasant surprise for development team.

This development follows its widely successful airdrop campaign of 458 million VIU tokens freely distributed to about 900,000 unique Ethereum users, resulting in the creation of almost a million potential new users on Viuly’s video sharing platform. Anyone who had some ETH in their ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallets on November 5th when the snapshot was taken can view their tokens in their wallet by using the following settings to add a custom token: Address: 0x519475b31653E46D20cD09F9FdcF3B12BDAcB4f5Name: VIUDecimals: 18 The alpha version of the platform has been live for weeks now, with over 12,000 unique visitors daily and over 70,000 registered users.

Viuly is also pleased to announce that it will connect to the Ethereum Mainnet on December 18th. The connection will enable advertisers  deposit VIU and pay for ads, and users withdraw the VIU they earn directly into their Ethereum wallet from watching videos on the network.

Using VIU tokens,  advertisers can promote their videos, pre-roll video ads and banner ads on the Viuly platform. VIU tokens are now available for purchase on Liqui exchange. Read more from…

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