At a Jan. 26 luncheon hosted by the Speakers Assembly of Southwest Florida, Christian Martin and Noreen Harrington talked about the digital currency.

A motion graphic explains what Bitcoin is and how Bitcoin works. Keith Carter and Ashley M. Williams, USA TODAY Network Noreen Harrington, partner at investment firm Developer Capital, speaks about Bitcoin at the Southwest Florida Speakers Assembly Bitcoin Luncheon in Bonita Springs on Friday, Jan.

26, 2018. (Photo: Olivia Vanni/Naples Daily News)Buy Photo Almost a year ago, Noreen Harrington, the Wall Street veteran known for her role as a whistle-blower during a 2003 mutual funds scandal, was at a speaking engagement in Bonita Bay when someone asked her what she thought about bitcoin.

“My answer was, ‘I don’t know enough to have an opinion,” she said. “I walked out of that room really mad at Noreen Harrington.” Harrington said she was committed to learning all that she could about the digital currency after that encounter.

On Friday, she and Christian Martin, chairman and CEO of Tera Group and a founding member of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, shared their bitcoin knowledge with guests at a Speakers Assembly of Southwest Florida luncheon. Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency, or digital currency, that is stored in digital wallets and can be sent through the Internet. Read more from…

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