John McAfee’s ‘unhackable’ cryptocurrency wallet – the one with a $250,000 bug bounty on it – has been cracked to run the iconic game DOOM, courtesy of a teenage security researcher. Video of the old-school first-person shooter has surfaced on Twitter.

Self-described adversarial thinker Saleem Rashid is credited with hijacking it – a hacking prodigy just 15-years old. Keep in mind, Bitfi’s wallet is meant be the world’s first ‘unhackable’ device, supposedly doubling as a secure cryptocurrency storage solution.

But as we already know, this is hardly the case. Now, while there is surely a massive reward for breaking into a Bitfi wallet – it can only be claimed if the cryptocurrency it is meant to protect is removed.

While the device itself has been torn apart in every way – the coins aren’t stored on-device; they’re on a cloud somewhere. This point has been vehemently argued by McAfee.

Bitfi does have some accolades – well, one. It has just won this years “Lamest Vendor” Pwnie Award, presented to security researcher Ryan Castellucci on its behalf. Read more from…

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