FINDER.COM.AU has launched a bitcoin “treasure hunt”, with the comparison website giving away 40 “tokens” worth a combined $4000. Each token is worth 0.004 bitcoin, valued at $100 each at bitcoin’s current price of nearly $US19,000.

They are hidden on various pages within the website, but users have to create an account and log in to be able to claim them. A clue is provided to help users find each one.

“Some coins are harder to find than others, but if you get in quick you might grab one,” said co-founder Fred Schebesta. “We wanted to give something back to our users.

It’s Christmas time, the time for giving. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are the biggest disruption of currency we might see in our lifetime, and we wanted to help everyone understand what it is and get involved.”

Mr Schebesta said it was the number one growth area in traffic for the site, which has created a number of in-depth guides to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, including comparisons of various exchanges. Read more from…

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