On Saturday (21 July 2018), Abra, the publisher of the mobile app (available for both Android and iOS) that combines a crypto wallet with a crypto exchange, released the “Ultimate Guide to Altcoins.” This article focuses on the highlights from this 30+ page report, in particular what makes each of these cryptocurrencies special.

“A growing number of entrepreneurs and developers view Ethereum as a valuable tool and have started to use it to build decentralized businesses that couldn’t have existed before. Ethereum smart contracts can be used to eliminate third parties from many industries, which would lower costs and creates more secure products.

Ethereum use cases are many, including decentralized identity registration, supply chain management, and democratized crowdfunding. Due to the demand for ether, the value has increased rapidly over the past year.

The Ethereum network now processes more transactions per day than Bitcoin. The number of applications and businesses have also been increasing at an exponential rate.

Ethereum is only three years old, but it is showing tremendous potential to create trustless, decentralized applications that will be used by millions of people across the world.” “The main advantage of Litecoin is that it made day-to-day purchases possible. Read more from cryptoglobe.com…

thumbnail courtesy of cryptoglobe.com