In this article we will analyse and explain what is Dash, why it was created, and how it differentiates with other cryptocurrencies. The first thing to mention here is that Dash is one of the most established and important cryptocurrencies in the market.

Dash is also known as Digital Cash, which is described by the company behind the cryptocurrency as a ‘revolutionary digital money system.’ Dash is a fully-incentivized peer-to-peer network in which miners are rewarded for securing the blockchain, while masternodes validate and store the blockchain to users. This cryptocurrency has a specific and special characteristic and it is related to the fact that it has masternodes.

They represent a new layer of network servers that provide a variety of services including instant transactions, privacy and governance. The way Dash work is a little bit different to the way Bitcoin works.

In the Dash ecosystem, there are two different kind of computers that secure the network, those are the nodes and the masternodes. Nodes are in charge of creating new coins on the network, like miners.

Masternodes, instead, perform specialized transactions including InstantSend and PrivateSend. Masternodes work as the responsible group of computers that is in charge of cultivating the network, helping it grow and taking the important decisions. Read more from…

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