It’s a scary time for YouTubers: YouTube’s community guidelines are changing seemingly on the fly, demonetization is affecting a large number of creators and the future of the platform that many people call home is uncertain. Creators don’t want to leave YouTube, but they are trying to figure out what’s next.

Maybe the answer isn’t finding a new home, but a new browser. Brave is an open-source web browser that YouTubers are using in wake of the platform’s evolving policies.

Created by Brian Body and Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich, Brave’s design is based on Google’s open-software, source code program Chromium. Unlike Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or any other mainstream browser, Brave was built to block intrusive ads and create a less chaotic online experience.

Included within the browser is Brave Payments, which the company introduced in beta in September 2016. The idea behind the Payments tool is that users should be allowed to choose who can financially benefit from their clicks without having to sift through ads — or feeling guilty about using ad blockers.

Using Brave Payments, users can set up a wallet that could be filled with tokens, and support sites or creators they like more directly. “While everything is automatic, once enabled, the Brave Payments UI allows you to control which sites receive your support by manually enabling or disabling funding for any of the sites you visit,” the blog post reads. Read more from…

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