YouTuber, CryptoRocko has recently uploaded a video during which he discusses Coinbase listings and the possibility of Ripple or Stellar being added onto the exchange next. We know that for either of the pair, a Coinbase listing would see the trade volume and indeed the value of the currency shoot up.

Where mainstream adoption is concerned, a listing on Coinbase is essentially imperative and therefore, any slim possibility that points towards this potentially happening, should be explored. As CryptoRocko discusses, the problem with Ripple and XRP at the moment is the questions around it’s status as a security, Ripple of course argue that this is not the case, the US Securities and Exchange Commission do think otherwise and therefore, as it stands XRP does not meet the standards outlined by Coinbase in order for a listing to be possible.

With this in mind, and the Ripple listing potentially on a long-term hold, CryptoRocko speculates that Stellar could indeed be the next currency to be added to Coinbase. Realistically, it could take a long time before assurance is given to Coinbase in regard to the status of Ripple and therefore in the meantime, other smaller currencies have the opportunity to climb through what looks to be an open window of opportunity at Coinbase.

CNBC have already mentioned that Stellar is in line for a Coinbase listing as CryptoRocko demonstrates and, a recent CNBC ‘Crypto Class’ shows a reporter, really selling Stellar as a currency, paying attention to potential partnerships with MoneyGram and IBM, as well as reference to the speed and cost efficiency of Stellar, compared to Bitcoin. It seems here at least, CNBC really want Stellar to gain a Coinbase listing.

This is interesting, when you consider the recent Comcast news Overall CryptoRocko doesn’t really feel the hype surrounding Stellar is something serious and believes that soon enough, Ripple will be able to provide further clarity on their status and will move into Coinbase as soon as this has been publicised. Likewise, many other news sources an experts are quoting Ripple as the next listing, not only because it is the third highest currency in terms of it’s market cap, but, Ripple has so many partnerships in the midst now, if they can get a bank like Santander on board, surely a Coinbase listing won’t be an issue, providing of course they meet the strict guidelines, outlined by Coinbase. Read more from…

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