Rating digital currency trading platforms, Coinbase is indispensable and atop among its rivals across the globe. Coinbase is a platform where every digital currency wants to be featured.

A lot of people even went further to use the listing of Coinbase as a benchmark for evaluating the usability and sophistication of all cryptocurrencies across the globe. The feature and ability of the trading platform are indisputably profound, giving it higher and fast-growing recognition across the globe.

This is why Ripple sees it as a do or die affair to get listed on this exchange, and the blockchain startup was alleged of proposing bribe and tipping the US-based exchange firm. While the hope of Ripple, as well as its supporters, always get dashed, there have been some rumors that Coinbase is likely to add Tron to its trading platform soon.

Here are some of the reasons why Tron will get listed pretty soon on the almighty crypto trading platform – Coinbase. Total market capitalization is one of the benchmarks used in ranking digital currency exchange platforms in the world, and this is usually influenced by the total amount of trade carried out by the exchange.

Definitely, every exchange wants to be at the top, boosting its trade with reputable digital currencies in the market. Based on this, Coinbase may be considering acquiring cheaper altcoins with much recognition and high volume in the crypto market such as Tron (TRX). Read more from smartereum.com…

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