Of the many similarities Decred (Decentralized Credit) shares with Bitcoin, its steady bullish recent price growth very similar to BTC’s last year is what probably first draws more attention. Take a look at this graph: Since its inception, Decred has grown around 11600%, rising to #30 in market cap.

Since the beginning of 2018, many big altcoins had huge losses in growth, including Ripple, which lost 34% of their average market cap, and Nano, which lost 64.17%, while Decred grew 23,02% Also, this is the Rate of Change in relation to Bitcoin for Ripple: Decred is, financially, in a really good position right now. And when saying that Decred is the new Bitcoin, it’s not as a “silver standard” like Litecoin.

Decred is coming to be the Bitcoin 2.0 we need. Besides having a relatively similar history and being developed by the team which developed the btcsuite, we could also say that DCR is a coin which serves for the same purpose like Satoshi’s does, and shares most of its good qualities, but added with some tweaks a lot of people thought were essential.

Decred’s core fundamentals were actually based on an opinion piece published in 2015 outlining Bitcoin’s biggest challenges: governance, funding and powerful miners having too much influence on the blockchain. All of these three problems are solved with Decred’s clever hybrid consensus system.

That said, autonomy can be said to be the core of their mission. There is no central authority for decision making, as stakeholders are the ones who set the rules through voting, in a process which is intricated to their hybrid mining-validation system which is, yes, another main feature of Decred. Read more from globalcoinreport.com…

thumbnail courtesy of globalcoinreport.com