Why Moon is not Limit for Ripple (XRP): The Facts With the increasing number of Altcoins and the cryptocurrency marker, it is about time to focus on how much growth and much more. Ripple (XRP) is among the decisive cryptocurrencies in existence.

Ripple is uniquely designed and unlike other blockchain based coins, it is not “decentralized”. This, for experts does not qualify as a fully-fledged cryptocurrency.

However, the above does not answer the question. Below are some explanations to make your conclusions on how big Ripple can get.

You also need to be part of the quest-pack to know the cryptocurrency growth patterns in the future. Ripple (XRP) is a noble idea to be used in the financial sector and more specifically, to be used as a currency processor between banks.

Over the years, the network keeps expanding meaning the uptake is positive. It is now becoming the standard way of communication between major banks and other financial institutions. Read more from cryptorecorder.com…

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