Ripple (XRP)’s value on the market surged to levels higher than the $0.90 base as positive sentiment helped it close in on the morale-boosting $1.00 price. The continued optimism among XRP holders saw it gain over 5% later on April 23, 2018.

The result of this price jump was to sustain belief in the community that once the coin breaches the next resistance level; it could be on its way to achieving a great run. The target would be to consolidate the gains made so far.

If it happens, then XRP could eventually go past $2 and aim for $5. This is likely to happen sooner than when most investors and crypto enthusiasts believe to be the case.

Today’s price movement is continuing the trend towards the dollar level, with a gain of about 3.89% in the last 24 hours. Over the 7-day period, the coin has jumped +37.23%. With the coin getting a lot of publicity as a result of its deals, daily trading volumes reached over $1.03 billion during the early Asian hours. The percentage change will even be higher as the market is likely to experience greater moves into the green zones.

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