With EOS’ mainnet launch just around the corner, the question on people’s minds is whether it will quickly overtake Ethereum in the markets. Considering how many years EOS has been in the making, the next few days could be telling.

Mainnet launches tend to have a positive effect on price charts for most coins. For instance, Oyster Pearl’s recent mainnet launch increased its price impressively (but unfortunately it couldn’t hold onto it).

A glance at the current EOS price chart will reveal that it has experienced a handful of bull runs throughout the May and April periods. It is clear that people are genuinely interested in seeing what the coin can do when it launches, which means it is largely possible for a major bull run to occur at the time of the launch.

Note that not every cryptocurrency experiences price changes which directly correlate to good news. During a bear market, even the best of news isn’t always enough to save a coin.

It could be that EOS only rises in price weeks or months after its launch. This also means that it would take a significant effort for EOS to match Ethereum concerning market cap. Read more from cryptodisrupt.com…

thumbnail courtesy of cryptodisrupt.com